Competitive Coaching

At Silhouette Dance Club we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of services across a variety of styles and levels. We provide coaching up to the highest level – in preparation for competition as well as for those those who want to develop their skills in a more personal environment. From beginners to competitive champions we’re well equipped and experienced to provide expert coaching that really works.

Come down the the studio and let us guide you through your paces – give structure to your practice and help you achieve your best. Add finesse and a finishing quality to your dances, we’ll  guide you through.

Principal Instructor Robert Barley has an involvement with a number of different domestic dance organisations in addition to his work at Silhouette Dance Club, which inline with his competitive experience have taken him to the far reaches of Europe and beyond.

- Fellow & Examiner of ‘The United Kingdom Alliance’
- Director of ‘The British Dance Council’
- Former President – ‘The Welsh Alliance of Professional Dance Teachers’
- Judge at ‘World Amateur’, ‘World Professional’ & European Championships’
- Executive Council Committee Member of the ‘Dance Promoters Association’

As part of his role with the club he remains a personal trainer of many current competitive dance couples, and is a current ‘Internationally Licensed Adjudicator’.

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